Professional Opportunities for Performance Students P.O.P.S. Teams

New York All Stars aims to promote leadership, teamwork and wellness through programs that infuse both fitness and the performing arts. Our performing arts students participate on a small team with students of similar age and/or ability. Team members perform in 1-3 local shows, receive high quality training and teacher support and all students participate in a culminating spring musical. Our most dedicated students are invited to participate on travel teams. Our travel teams have attended the Junior Theatre Festival in Atlanta, GA and the National Performing Arts Festival at Disney World.

Our performing arts programs are high energy and provide well-rounded, developmentally appropriate training in singing, dancing, acting and technical elements involved in producing theatre. Our curriculum is developed by New York All Stars personnel who have advanced degrees and education and theatre; and is adapted to meet the National Core Standards for Theatre Arts.

New York All Stars instructors also offer private coaching in person and online, in singing, dancing, acting and professional coaching for students pursuing professional work. Many of our students are under representation and working professionally.